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Android 8.1 Feature On Nokia

Android 8.1 Feature On Nokia

The race to improve a billion phones in rural, developing regions have seen some significant progress thus far, most of it coming from KaiOS and Google’s massive eight-digit backing into the voice-forward flip phone software suite. Current rumors, although, have put Android as a double-blind various for feature phones. Now, we’ve our first moving vision of the stated concept.

Our first snapshot of this so-known as Android-powered feature phone made by Nokia came last month. It seems that this still was part of what could also be a minute-long video from someone calling themselves on open blog platform Steemit. A tour via the software shows Google Assistant front and center of the experience, a fast peek of Google Maps, and the truth that the phone purports to be running on Android 8.1 Oreo perhaps the lightweight Go edition. It is hard to tell. All in all, we’re a barely new robust visual experience with a better dpi on this device than most KaiOS phones out in the market at present. And it is 4G VoLTE-capable, too. And whereas an OEM could most likely make KaiOS seem like this, there’s simply enough shown here to tip the scales to Android on this one perhaps.

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