Wi-Fi 6 Brought Immense Speed Increases to Wi-Fi Networks

Wi-Fi 6 Brought Immense Speed Increases to Wi-Fi Networks

Wi-Fi 6 officially launches at the moment, a couple of days ahead of the availability of the iPhone 11, which helps the brand new, quicker normal.

Beforehand, customers have needed to grapple with very unintuitive names to work out whether or not a tool-supported the most recent Wi-Fi standard. It’s nearly a year ago since we realized this was set to change.

The previous generation, supported by most of at present’s devices, was referred to as 802.11ac. The latest era was officially 802.11ax the Wi-Fi Alliance however last year acknowledged that this was all too confusing, so decided the consumer-facing name would instead be Wi-Fi 6. It also rebranded earlier iterations.

As of today, manufacturers can have compatible devices certified to make use of the “Wi-Fi 6 Certified” label. The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro/Max will qualify.

Along with providing faster speeds, Wi-Fi 6 also provides longer-range, reduced battery consumption and higher security, in addition to better management of multiple devices related to a single Wi-Fi router or hotspot. This latter feature is of particular benefit to enterprise networks.

Of course, the Wi-Fi Alliance couldn’t let the terminology get too friendly, so technically the certification label is Wi-Fi Certified 6.

The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max went on pre-order on September 13 and might be available to customers on September 20. After all, be bringing you our impressions.

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