Fortnite’s Creative Mode for Season 7 Has Leaked

Fortnite, a favorite online video game that was first released in 2017, is now getting a new mode, called the Creative Mode. The game that was developed by Epic Games is expected to feature the new style after the Fortnite Season 7 update. This new Creative Mode will allow players to make their map with all the content they have from the game including buildings, weapons, and terrain options. Players can create their servers and have others join them.

The new update will feature a new lobby too. The Fortnite Creative Mode lobby will let players choose which servers they can join with the community-created maps. The entire update looks like an expanded version of Fortnite Playground LTM with more in-depth options and clearer menus that makes the process much more straightforward. Epic Games has an announcement in place for the Game Awards on 6th December, which is incidentally the release date for the Fortnite Season 7. The game’s Creative Mode might then be revealed in style.

The leakage of Fortnite’s Creative Mode for Season 7 is all thanks to a YouTube user called Lachlan, who updated a detailed video about the new update earlier today. Fortnite Creative Mode was however demoed on a PC, but it is important to note that it will make it to other platforms as well, including the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and maybe Android. Lachlan removed the video later on, but that did not stop other YouTube users from re-uploading it.

Epic Games has already confirmed that the release date for Fortnite Season 7 will be done this week. The developer says that the new version will also be a winter-themed spectacle and that its map will feature snow and ice. Now that Fortnite Season 6 was ending on 4th December, the developer has given fans a gap of only two days before it releases the next season, which is an excellent timing on the part of Epic Games. Season 7 is expected to bring with it new challenges, new gear and surprising changes to the game’s map.

Kathleen Weems

Kathleen Weems

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