Google Will Pull the Plug On Hangouts App

Google Will Pull the Plug On Hangouts App

According to some sources, Google will be shutting down the Google Hangouts app. This may not be a surprise since Google had already stopped developing the app for more than a year now, and we all know that when large tech companies do that for an app, it usually means that they no longer care about it and they will pull the plug and kill it soon. It seems now that Hangouts’ fate has been decided and the year when it all ends for this app is 2020.

However, when using Gmail, we still have the chat option, and with a simple search, you can see that Google Play Store still has it listed as an application. We can safely say that Hangouts was a project that Google was hoping to replace even Facebook at one time, but for so many reasons people didn’t want to use. They thought it was confusing and the way that it worked it just seemed too complicated for so many people. For some time, Google decided to try and make it look cool so that it can appeal to many people, but it has failed spectacularly.

But according to a report done from when they tried reaching Scott Johnson who works for Google, he said that this was incorrect and that Hangouts users will only have to upgrade it to Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat. And that there were no decisions made to shut the whole project down.

Either way, we may have to wait a year to see if Google is hiding something or if they are telling the truth.

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